Pandas (NatGeo)

Easily recognized by large black patched eyes, round bellies and fuzzy ears, Pandas are one of China's most prized treasures and are adored by people all around the world. Found in the wild in only a few mountain ranges in China, this beloved animal is an endangered species reliant on active conservation. Pandas are often seen eating in a relaxed sitting posture, with their hind legs stretched out before them. They may appear sedentary, but they are skilled tree-climbers and efficient swimmers. Much of what we know about pandas comes from studying pandas in zoos, because their wild cousins are so rare and elusive. National Geographic Pandas features a series of wonderful images taken by renowned wildlife photographers. Each image is accompanied by a large grid with moon phases and international holidays. National Geographic supports vital work in conservation, research, exploration, and education. This calendar includes a 3-year at-a-glance page and is earth friendly, printed with soya-based inks on FSC certified paper.


Lg. Grid, Stapled

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